Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hello, My Pretty Shoppers!

My closets runneth over with shoes, clothing and I've decided to clean house and offer some of my goodies to you. Designer, vintage and other whatnots will now soon be available for purchase here with new items listed regularly.

How To Buy...
Items will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
If you are interested in an item, please email me at and state the item description you'd like to purchase. An invoice will be forwarded to you.

PayPal and Cash Accepted...
After I receive your 'intent to purchase', I will then send you an invoice via Paypal and the item will be marked SOLD. *Remember to mention your shipping address in the email, so I know where to ship and how to invoice your shipping charges.
Pick ups and cash accepted on large items only if you are in the Los Angeles area. I will note on the items if you can pick up, otherwise it must be shipped.

Here's How It Goes...
1 } Email me at stating the with item name(s) you'd like to purchase. Include your name, shipping address and email address associated with PayPal so I can invoice you.

2 } Look for my PayPal invoice in your email.
3 } Pay for items purchased --within 3 days, please!
4 } Items ship within 2 business days with estimated delivery time in the US usually 2-7 days. International shipments usually take about 2 weeks for delivery.

New items will be listed all the time, so keep checking back!



  1. following both of your blogs! you look totally different in the photo and avatar! funny!

  2. Thanks for following!
    Yes, I do look a little different, don't I? :)
    My avatar is from back in my modeling days. I was 25 there. Now, I'm 39 {shown in this post}. Funny how time changes you.


  3. You look so pretty here. Is this a photo from your trip to Chicago?

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to doing some shopping--just wish we were the same size!

    P.S. I can totally see why you used to be a model. GORGEOUS then, GORGEOUS now! :)


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